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Joy to the World … He Rules the World with Truth and Grace

by Corina Pfautz

December 19, 2021 – Pastor Bill Yaccino John 1:14, 16-17 Message Big Idea –  In the fourth and last stanza of Joy to the World, Isaac Watt highlights two attributes of king Jesus’ reign, truth and grace. As we search the scriptures to consider the potent worth of both features and compare their seemingly opposite […]

Unlearn Me-First Mindset

by Corina Pfautz

November 14, 2021 – Pastor Bill Yaccino Mark 8-10 Message Big Idea –  The me-first mindset is a pattern that every Christian must unlearn. It’s a mindset that even goes back to Adam and Eve in the garden. Within 3 chapters in Mark we see Jesus teaching His disciples, through very practical ways, that His […]

God’s Mercy, Our Motivation

by Bill Yaccino

June 27, 2021 (John David, NorthBridge Elder) – (Romans 12:1) Message Big Idea – Why do you do the things you do for God? Our motivation comes not from our hard work or intelligence. It has nothing to do with what we deserve. Our motivation for serving is an expression of gratitude for all God […]

Just Say The Word

by Bill Yaccino

June 20, 2021 (Pastor Bill Yaccino) – (Matt. 8:5-10; Luke 5:1-11) Message Big Idea – Jesus is amazed (he literally drops his jaw and marvels) when a Roman soldier trusts Jesus and says, “Just say the word, and I know my servant will be healed.” What does it look like in “real life” to be […]