Demonstrating the heart of Jesus as we

Serve Together


Missional Experiences

and the Discipleship Pathway

Missional experiences are part of the growth and testimony of a follower of Jesus. When we serve, we activate our time, abilities, and resources for a life of purpose. Every act of service is an expression of God’s love and an opportunity to meet needs, alleviate pain and bring hope in Jesus' name.


Join a Common Cause for Local Good

What is a Common Cause?

Common Cause groups consist of like-minded followers of Jesus that share a passion to make a difference in a specific area and serve a defined people or affinity group.  They demonstrate the love of Jesus by meeting the needs of individuals in a specific way tailored to this group of people or cause.

Want to learn how to start a common Cause?

Common Cause Bootcamp is coming in 2023!

 Ideal for those on the Activate and Advance Pathway. Introduction to forming a common cause group. 4- week course.

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Gather & Serve

Plan your group/family Mission experience. Small groups and families are encouraged to arrange a time to serve with a Common Cause or at one of the local/regional options listed below:

NB Local Mission Partners

Other Local Serving Opportunities


Join an advocacy Team for Global Good

What is an Advocacy Team?

An Advocacy Team is a group of Northbridge people committed to supporting one of our mission partners. This team takes responsibility to coordinate our church’s support and encouragement of one of our Mission Partners and to serve as their representatives to the NorthBridge Church body. The team is our primary link between the mission partner and the rest of our church.

2023 Global Missions Trips

 Ideal for those on the Activate and Advance pathways ... provide more detail description as to why investigate missions trips.

Applications are due by November 30. Teams will be announced in January 2023.


Hope Renewed

June (Students)

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Hope Renewed

August (Adult)

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Life Builders


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South Africa


January 2024

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