Burning Hearts

May 21, 2023 

Message Big Idea

When Jesus was put on trial before his crucifixion, he was brought before a group called the Sanhedrin (Matt 27:12). This was the highest governing body for all Jewish people. In Acts chapter 4, we meet the same group, but now Peter and John are on the hot seat! They are ready with all their authority and muscle to shut these rebels down. Remember, just a couple of weeks earlier, Peter had denied knowing Jesus when he was questioned by a servant girl… someone who had no power or authority to punish him. Now, he would be asked to speak up before the religious mafia of his day. How would you hold up? What would you do?

Lean In

  • Tell your group about a life situation where you faced opposition of some kind. How did you respond? Did you stand firm in this place of opposition? What would have given you confidence to stand firm?

Look Down

  • Read Acts 4:1-21
  • What parts of this passage intrigued you most? What stood out? Why?
  • Go around the group and share key highlights or takeaways from the previous Sunday’s message. What jumped out at you as impactful and/or made you want to know more?

Look Out

  • (Verses 8-12; 19-20) How do you think the religious leaders felt about Peter and John’s responses to their inquisition? Describe the heart and attitude of Peter and John as they articulated their faith and commitment to Christ.
  • How do most people respond when they are attached or blamed unfairly? Why might we, as followers of Jesus, respond differently?

Look In

  • How do the believers respond to the Sanhedrin’s threats (v. 23-31)? 
  • What can we learn about God in their prayers? Write down as many observations as you can (v. 24-30).
  • Ok, now let’s take a look in… at your life. Do you use the Bible in your prayer life? Can you give any examples of how the bible aids your prayer life?
  • What was the immediate result of the prayers in Acts 4? Acts 4:31. What were the after affects of their prayers? Peek ahead at Acts 4:32-36!!!

Live It Out

  • What is one truth from this passage would you like to take to heart and act upon? How will this affect your life?
  • Who can you share this with during the week?

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