Ideas for Rhythms of Rest

Summer 2024

A Proverb a Day

  • The Book of Proverbs offers timeless wisdom and practical guidance for daily living. Each day, read and reflect upon a different proverb. Use the wisdom found in these verses to shape your prayers, asking God for understanding, discernment, and the ability to live according to His principles. This practice can help you grow in wisdom and align your life more closely with God’s will.

Sabbath Rest

  • Choose one day each week to unplug from work and digital distractions, dedicating this time to rest, family, and spiritual reflection. This practice can help create a rhythm of weekly rest and rejuvenation.

Nature Walks and Reflection

  • Spend time in nature, taking walks in parks, forests, or along the beach. Use this time to meditate, reflect, and enjoy God’s creation. Being in nature can significantly reduce stress and provide a sense of peace.

Scripture Journaling

  • Set aside time each day to read a passage of Scripture and journal your thoughts, reflections, and prayers. This practice allows you to engage deeply with God’s Word, process your spiritual journey, and communicate with God through writing. Scripture journaling can be a powerful way to find rest and connect with God on a personal level.

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