Walking in the Light

June 12, 2022 – John David – NB Elder

1 John 1:5-2:6

Message Big Idea Today’s society, like the time of John, is filled with several teachings and mindsets that are contrary to the teachings of Scripture. Oftentimes, false teachers don’t refer to themselves as such as a lot of them consider their teachings to be the truth. As Christians, the only way we can identify false teachings from the true teachings of Scripture is by knowing the truth, and we cannot know the truth unless we are students of the Bible. But we are not only called to be students of the Bible but to also walk in the light, thereby making our study of the Bible come alive in our daily living. 

Lean In: 

  • Take some time and share with each other: What are you grateful for today? What are you struggling with today?
  • Given the easy access to information in today’s society, not being able to identify false teachings from the truth can be very catastrophic. What are some teachings in society today that you think are contrary to the teachings of the Bible?

Look Down:

  • Read 1 John 1:5-2:6 (Read twice – ESV and either NLT or Message)
  • Go around the group and briefly retell the passage in your own words.
  • What word or phrase “jumped off the page” and intrigued you the most? Why?

Look Out: 

  • What are the key themes in 1 John 1:5-2:6? What are the main issues that John is addressing in the passage and how is he doing so?
  • What characters of God did John invoke 1 John 1:5-2:6?
  • 1:6-7 – How is John’s admonition to walk in the light not the same thing as sinless perfection? How does fellowship with God translate into fellowship with one another?
  • How would you formulate a sound theology of sin from 1 John 1:5-2:6?
  • Followers of Christ are called to live out the Word of God. What are the implications of living according to the Word of God as seen in 2:3-6?

Look In:

  • In 1:5, John talks about the message they have heard and are proclaiming to them, which is “that God is light.” What does it mean to say, “God is light”? Part of what light does is that it shines, it illuminates, and it provides clarity. Think of a moment in your life when the light of God brought clarity to something or conviction to sin in your life. What was that experience like
  • 1:7 talks about our fellowship with one another as a depiction of our walking in the light. How would you rate the importance of fellowship with one another as believers? What are some of the things you have done, or are doing to foster and nurture such fellowship?
  • 1:8 talks about confession of sin as an important act in the Christian faith. What do you think about confession of our sins to God and to each other? Do you consider confession as a burden or as a gift?
  • 2:4-5 talks about obeying God’s Word. What are some practical steps you have taken to obey God’s Word? What are some teachings of God’s Word that you are struggling to obey?

Live It Out:

  • What is one thing God seems to be asking you to do in response to this passage? (i.e. “I will ….”)
  • Who can you tell about this “I will” statement in the next 48 hours?
  • Journal about your time in God’s Word this week. Stop to listen to what He might be telling you. Celebrate His presence through His Word!