Sunday Mornings at NorthBridge

Increasingly, people are questioning the role and importance of the church with questions like, “Can’t I follow Jesus without being part of a church? Isn’t watching a church service online the same as going to church?” Others are asking even harder questions… “Why don’t Christians live like Jesus said they should? How can you support the church institution which is responsible for so many shameful things in the past that were covered up?” These are valid and authentic questions. Yet when Paul spoke of the church, he said she is the “radiant bride” of Christ. And when Jesus spoke about God’s people, he said they were like a bright city on a hill, shining in the darkness.

In this series, we seek a theological foundation for the church and a fresh understanding of God’s vision for the church. We will both acknowledge the tragic failures and sins of the past while being inspired with a picture of what Jesus intended his church to be.

Sundays 9AM & 10:45AM

The event is finished.


Sep 11 2022