Sunday Mornings at Northbridge

The North Star resides in a fixed position that helps travelers to orient themselves and find their way.  In our confusing world of endless options, we need a kind of ‘North Star’ that helps us find our direction in life. Everyone needs a sense of purpose and longs to be in their true calling.  To find it, the counsel of the world is to look within, be true to yourself, do what makes you happy. But the New Testament shows us that every Christian has a God-given calling, a calling with two parts – a primary calling for all Christians and a personal calling for each believer.

Discovering calling starts by understanding our designer and our true identity in relationship to Him.  And out of that, we find our collective calling and ultimately our unique place in it.  And we discover that it is in losing our lives that we truly find them.  In this series, you will get a framework for understanding calling (BE-DO-GO) and begin to discern your own calling/mission for this season in your life.


Sundays 9AM & 10:45AM

The event is finished.


Oct 15 2023