Sunday Mornings at Northbridge

Everyone ends up somewhere in life, but some people end up somewhere on purpose. They are the ones with vision, those who live life on purpose. Whether you know it or not, you have multiple purposes for your life. In each season, God has new purposes and fresh callings for each of us. And these purposes and callings are what give significance to the ordinary details of our lives.

Nehemiah in the Old Testament is a great example of a man of purpose, a man who lives out a few different purposes and callings. Many know Nehemiah as the re-builder the wall of Jerusalem, but he also was a governor and served in the king’s court. His story is not really one of remarkable miracles but rather one of prayer, faithfulness, hard work, and following the leadership of the Holy Spirit.


Sundays 9AM & 10:45AM

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Oct 22 2023