Sunday Message Series

John’s first epistle focuses on a faith that is real. The letter begins with John’s personal experience – how he saw, heard, and touched the Savior. Jesus was real, and therefore, we can have a fellowship, a relationship with God that is real. What does a faith that is real look like? How do I know if I have a real faith? John writes this letter so that we may have joy, so that we may not be deceived, and that we may know that we are saved. In the end, it all comes back to Jesus. This series provides and excellent opportunity to invite people to do their own personal assessment, their own spiritual inventory about where they stand in relationship to Christ. As we are starting to re-gather again and preparing to launch a new ministry season, we should all start with the question, “Am I in Christ? Do I have a faith that is real? Do I have a persevering faith?”

Join us during this summer series, Pulse Check!

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Jul 31 2022