Inclusive Playground Community Kick-Off

We hope you’ll join us on Friday, May 13 at 6:30 p.m. for our Inclusive Community Playground Kick-off.  You’ll discover more about why we are building the playground, the playground design, and how you can get involved.

NorthBridge Church is partnering with the national experts – Unlimited Play – to design and build Antioch’s first inclusive playground for the community, which will enable all children — regardless of their abilities — to play together, side by side. It will also allow parents and caregivers with disabilities to play with their children.

Antioch, statistically 1 in 10 people have a disability. And yet, there are no playgrounds here that welcome everyone equally. Building an inclusive playground in our community will help break down barriers and bring people and families together. Inclusive play brings together children of all abilities, creating a sense of community where all children feel nurtured, valued, encouraged and respected. And research shows that communities thrive when their children thrive.

Play is critical for a child’s development. It builds imagination, enhances independence, promotes physical activity, fosters healthy brain development and eases anxiety. Playgrounds are designed specifically for kids, but not all kids. Rarely will you find children with disabilities able to enjoy the local playground equipment. Why not? Because it’s not designed nor accessible for them. They may not be able to climb stairs to enjoy the thrill of a slide, use a typical swing, nor jump on to the merry-go-round. We’re going to change that in Antioch!

>>Please invite your friends and neighbors. RSVP is not necessary, but helpful for our planning purposes.<<

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May 13 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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