The Power of the Gathered Body being ALL IN

In Nehemiah 2 and the first half of chapter 3 we see what it means for an entire people to be bought into the idea of “rebuilding” to see God’s heart of restoration and change go forth. Typically when we look at this chapter/book, we hyper-fixate on Nehemiah; his leadership, his vision, his trailblazing effort and follow-through to the conviction God put in his heart. While all this is accurate and important, a closer look shows us the EQUAL NEED for the people of Jerusalem to be bought in for the rebuilding effort to go forth. We see Priest’s, Goldsmith’s, Perfume-Makers and other Lay People/Families stepping out of their comfort zone/ability for the cause of rebuilding and the cause of God’s heart of restoration to go forth. As you watch, listen and reflect this week, be asking God how he might want YOU to be apart of the rebuilding and restoration process of the community and people around you.