Flourishing Women

Sunday, February 06, 2022

In Matthew 7, Jesus talks about building our lives on a firm foundation. He refers to himself as “the rock” upon which our feet are to be grounded. Essentially, he is saying that he is the center of our lives. The same holds true for our family life, our (if you are married) marriages, and (if you have children) our parenting. What does a “Flourishing Family” look like? This series looks at biblical examples of what it looks like to be a flourishing woman, man, child, parent, husband, or wife. It will encourage and convict. But ultimately, it is designed for us to live with Christ at the center of it all!

Today we look at the lives of four women who experienced flourishing lives: Mary, The Shulammite Woman, Abigail, and Pricilla.

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