Jesus Talks with a Desperate Woman

Sunday, March 13, 2022

The church calendar season of Lent is a time to fix our eyes on Jesus and to prepare our hearts for the remembrance of Good Friday and the celebration of Easter. This year, we will turn our attention to the Gospel of John.

People did crazy things when they met Jesus! Whenever people crossed paths with Jesus, the encounter always made an impact. Tax collectors gave money to the poor. Prostitutes changed careers and became faithful to only him. One person spent a year’s wages to buy perfume to pour on his feet. What made people so devoted to Jesus? You are about to embark on an adventure to decide for yourself!

Over the next 42 days, we will walk through the story of Jesus’ ministry as it was told by the Apostle John. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for you to immerse yourself, alone or in the company of others, in the life of Jesus and thereby become better acquainted with the One who was in the beginning, the One who is with us, and the One who will never leave us of forsake us. Are you curious about how to experience God in your life here and now? Then COME & SEE—Jesus is waiting to have an encounter with you!