Spiritual Practice of the Week: BIO Exercise (WEEK 4)

“BIO” comes from the original Greek word, “bios” which is synonymous with “life”. For the duration of this message series, Touch of Heaven, we will use those three letters as guideposts in our spiritual practice of the week.

B = “Before God” Meet with Him personally through prayer and His word to enjoy His presence, receive His direction, and follow His will.
I = “In Community” Connect in safe relationships that provide love, support transparency, challenge, and accountability.
O = “On Mission” Cultivate a mindset to live out Jesus’ love for others through service at home, work, neighborhood, and church.

Get a journal or notepad out and get ready for a fruitful connection time with God. Listen. Watch. Pray. Ask. Seek. Soak. Write down your thoughts and prayers:

B = “Before God

  • Carefully and slowly, read Revelation 21 and 22.
  • What is the image of the bride (Rev 21:2,9) and why is it a fitting portrayl of Heaven?
  • What are some characteristics of God that you observe in Revelation 21 and 22?
  • Make a list of some of the activity in Heaven that takes place

I = “In Community”

  • Make a point this week to share with some the highlights of what you have learned in this series so far.

O = “On Mission”

  • Reflect and meditate this week on Revelation 21:16-17. Let these verses of invitation motivate you to share the love of Christ and the hope of Heaven with people you care about.