Spiritual Practice of the Week: BIO Exercise (WEEK 2)

“BIO” comes from the original Greek word, “bios” which is synonymous with “life”. For the duration of this message series, Touch of Heaven, we will use those three letters as guideposts in our spiritual practice of the week.

B = “Before God” Meet with Him personally through prayer and His word to enjoy His presence, receive His direction, and follow His will.
I = “In Community” Connect in safe relationships that provide love, support transparency, challenge, and accountability.
O = “On Mission” Cultivate a mindset to live out Jesus’ love for others through service at home, work, neighborhood, and church.

Get a journal or notepad out and get ready for a fruitful connection time with God. Listen. Watch. Pray. Ask. Seek. Soak. Write down your thoughts and prayers:

B = “Before God

  • Carefully and slowly, read 1 Corinthians 3:10-15.
  • In verse 10, Paul says that each one of us “should build with care”. What do you think he means by that statement?
  • Verse 13 says that the quality of our work will be tested with fire. What kinds of works won’t survive the fire?

I = “In Community”

  • This week, with one or more others (family, groupmate, etc.) read Revelation 4-5.
  • What most stands out to you in this scene?
  • Together, make a list of the qualities and characteristics of worship that you see in this passage. In Revelation 4-5, how is Jesus pictured differently than how you see him in the gospels?

O = “On Mission”

  • Read Revelation 20:11-15 and then spend some time in prayer asking God to give you a heart to reach those who do not know Jesus.
  • Talk with someone this week about what you have studied. After praying, take a risk and ask someone what they think happens after we die. It may open up dialog about what you’ve learned this week.