October 3, 2021 – Pastor Mark Albrecht

Matthew 7:1-5; James 1:19-20

Series Big Idea –  Life and faith is all about growth and progress. We base that growth on our relationship with Jesus as we learn to follow Him faithfully and to the best of our ability. But sometimes, “the way it’s always been” stops us from growth that leads toward full life and freedom in Christ. This series is about things we need to “UNLEARN” in order to make space for God’s grace in our life that leads to new life!

Reflect on the following sequence of questions. If you are doing this with others, share your responses with them.

LEAN IN >> Think about it.

  • Wha
  • What are you grateful for this week? What are you struggling with?
  • Recall a famous conflict or feud in history (i.e. a war; a public or celebrity breakup; a family experience). How was this feud resolved or ignored?

LOOK DOWN >> Read the following passages and discuss or reflect on the  the corresponding questions:

  • Read Matthew 7:1-5; James 1:19-20 (Read twice – ESV and either NLT or Message)
  • Briefly retell the passage in your own words.
  • What word or phrase “jumped off the page” and intrigued you the most?

LOOK OUT >> Connect the world of the Bible to our culture.

  • Of the following ways to respond to conflict, which one have you personally experienced towards you. How did it make you feel? 1) Avoid (Peace-fakers); 2) Attack (Peace-breakers); 3) Accept (Peace-maker).

LOOK IN >> Go straight to the heart of the matter.

  • A big part of “Unlearning Conflict” is examine your own heart. Is God prompting you to examine your heart at a deeper level? If so, see “Prayer of Examine” exercise below.
  • Pastor Mark talked about choosing to be more “Curious” and ready to “Listen” to others (instead of getting frustrated or furious). Who in your world do you need to ask more questions to and listen to?

LIVE IT OUT >> Put it into action.

  • This week, spend time praying and examining your own heart. Use the attached “Prayer of Examine” exercise to allow God to speak to you and guide you.
  • Reflect and respond to God’s prompting(s). Journal your thoughts.

For a helpful guide in walking through a more intentional prayer check out The Prayer of Examen.