Name: Tina Jacobsen

Ministry Role: I am the Business Manager and I handle all of the day to day financial management of the Church, as well as, the Human Resources and benefits management. I also lead our staff meetings and staff development training. I have been on staff since 2016.

Family: I am married to Randy and I have 2 children, Emily and Andrew.

Education: I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a minor in Psychology from North Central College in Naperville.

My favorite drink at Starbucks: Is a Citrus Defender hot tea or a Match Green Tea Latte w/Coconut milk. Not a fan of coffee; can you tell!

Dream Vacation: New Zealand

I got saved: While I was attending New Life Church in New Lenox, IL, I stepped out and joined a bible study of 5 moms with young children. The conversation over coffee/tea was rich and meaningful. We pondered our assigned scripture and dove deep into the life of Jesus where the gift of grace, for me, was fully realized. These dear ladies are still my “sisters” to this day.

In my spare time: I like to be outside on a warm day reading or hanging out with close friends or family.

Pet Peeve: when people aren’t considerate of others.

Hidden Talent: Decorating

What’s weird about me: I’m abnormally cold, so in the summer I work with my space heater on in my office. Come on in if you want to be toasty!