July 18, 2021 – Pastor Drew Litwiller

Message Big Idea – Making key decisions was challenging before the year 2020 hit. Now it’s even more crucial to know how to navigate one’s way. The Psalms, show us the direction of the overarching story of the Bible, and give tangible ways to pray as we align our way with God and His story.

Reflect on the following sequence of questions. If you are doing this with others, share your responses with them.

LEAN IN >> Think about it.

  • What are you grateful for this week? What are you struggling with?
  • Recall a time you needed to make a big decision. What resources or sources of wisdom did you use to find your way?

LOOK DOWN >> Read the following passages and discuss or reflect on the  the corresponding questions:

  • Read Psalm 1 & 2 (Read twice – ESV and either NLT or Message)
  • Briefly retell the passage in your own words.
  • What word or phrase “jumped off the page” and intrigued you the most?

LOOK OUT >> Connect the world of the Bible to our culture.

  • Typically, where do those in our culture get their advice in making big decisions?
  • What benefits might it have to be “like a tree planted along the riverbank”? How might that help in decision making?

LOOK IN >> Go straight to the heart of the matter.

  • How often do you find yourself reading and meditating on God’s word? 
  • Would you say you “delight” in God’s word?
  • In what areas of your life would you like to see more “fruit” from reading and meditating on God’s word?

LIVE IT OUT >> Put it into action.

  • Chew on Psalms 1-2 again this week and see what God reveals to you this time. If you struggle when reading through the Psalms, just remember that these poems are a reminder throughout your lifetime.
  • What is one thing God is asking you to do in response to this passage? 
  • Who can you tell about this “I will” statement in the next 48 hours?