Dear NorthBridge Family,

Thank you for your prayers. We made it to Moscow with our whole team and with all of our luggage. The pastoral team met us at the airport and took us back to our apartments. We are staying in 5 different apartments with different people.

Tomorrow the plan is that the youth leaders from Paradigma will take us on a tour of the city. We’ll have lunch with them and encourage them as we prepare for the camp.

Then Saturday there will be an outreach at a park for teens. They will spend the afternoon with us hopefully on bikes and then at a park. Pray that it doesn’t rain, that we’ll have fruitful spiritual conversations and that some more teens not registered for camp will be inspired to come.

Thank you again for praying.



7.23.18 Update from the Russia Team

Day 1 – 18th we flew out of Chicago
Day 2 – 19th we arrived in Moscow
Day 3 – 20th we toured Moscow and had dinner with Paradigma’s pastors
Day 4 – 21st we participated in a “picnic” for students: There were games to get to know one another’s names, some lunch and other activities with the Students. Our group was asked to meet students and encourage them in their English and encourage them to come to camp if they were not already signed up. Then after the picnic the NorthBridge group went on a bike tour of Moscow with some of the leaders of the camp.


Even though our students didn’t arrive until noon, we had a very full day. We settled them into their rooms, there were ice-breakers, lunch, contests, dinner, worship (Caleb played the drums and Hannah led worship in English).

The camp is organized into three groups based on age. Today each group worked together to make a flag, come up with a name for their team and a presentation for the whole group. Later on in the evening, each group spent time drinking tea and talking about what is going on in their lives lately. Thank you for your prayers because two of the groups are off to a great start, sharing deeply and embracing the level of trust they feel. You can pray for group #2 – they are the largest group and a bit out of control (This is the group Rae Anne, Aaron & Caleb are in).

The point of the evening and the camp is to build relationships of trust and love, as we share how Jesus is changing us.