Shift – September 13 – October 5, 2020

When the pandemic first hit, our initial focus was on survival. We all pushed “pause,” hunkered down, and waited. But now six months later, we are realizing that the ramifications of the pandemic will be ongoing for some time. Instead of waiting it out, we need to figure out how to move ahead in the midst of it. This means making a deliberate “shift” despite the chaos and uncertainty. It means no longer “idling” in neutral, but it means progressing in our spiritual lives, in our relationships, as a family, and as missional neighbors. As we start our new ministry season, we are going to intentionally call everyone to “shift” out of neutral and into a mindset of growth and advancement, regardless of our circumstances.

Sunday, September 13 – Shifting Out of Spiritual Neutral  (Mark Albrecht) Discussion Guide + Livestream Link

Sunday, September 20 – Getting in Gear Relationally (Bill Yaccino) Discussion Guide + Livestream Link

Sunday, September 27 – Switching into Drive as a Family (Dawn Hayman) Livestream Link

Sunday, October 4 – Moving Forward Missionally (Mark Albrecht) Livestream Link