Praying the King’s Agenda

(Sunday, August 16 – Sunday, September 6, 2020)

Do you struggle to pray?  Learning to pray is one of the greatest challenges in the Christian life.  Jesus invites us to pray often and makes great promises about prayer, but how do we know what to pray for?  The Bible reveals that Jesus is the King of Kings, and as King, He has an agenda.  He is a loving and benevolent king, and so His agenda is for us to experience joy, hope, and life.  That’s why we must learn to pray the King’s agenda. In this series, we will discover how to let Jesus be the one to set our prayer agenda, how to take what Jesus has revealed and pray it back to him.  Join us for these upcoming Sundays and by using our 21-Day prayer guide as we begin Praying the King’s Agenda together.

Prayer Guide Printed Booklet: PrayingKingsAgendaBooklet

Prayer Guide Booklet Online Viewing PDF: 21-Days-of-Prayer Online View

Sunday, August 16 – Who is the King?  (Mark Albrecht) Livestream Link + Discussion Guide

Sunday, August 23 – Does God speak to me?  (Bill Yaccino) Livestream Link + Discussion Guide

Sunday, August 30 – When I’m Unable to Pray  (Dawn Hayman) Livestream Link + Discussion Guide (Coming Soon)

Sunday, September 6 – The King’s Agenda Changes Us  (Mark Albrecht) Livestream Link + Discussion Guide