At NorthBridge, we intentionally selected the term partner to describe what it means to be part of the church of Jesus Christ. Partnership says more than just church attendance or casual involvement.  NorthBridge partners, like the first followers of Jesus Christ, are called to an unswerving allegiance to Jesus Christ, undying dedication to His mission, and ruthless devotion to His people.  In essence, we put our lives in the hands of God and of one another.

Once you get the chance to explore our church a little bit, we encourage you to attend a NorthBridge Partnership Class. The New Testament descriptions of the early church show that the believers were deeply committed to God and deeply devoted to one another. What does this look like in our world today? Our Partnership Class explores what it means to be part of the body of Christ and what it means to join in mission with NorthBridge.

Contact us at the church office to find out when the next Partnership Class will take place.


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