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There Is Enough To Go Around


Generosity is one of the great virtues of scripture. It is more than mere obedience regarding finances – it is a condition of the heart. Scripture shows us that those filled with the Spirit of Christ are marked by generosity – generosity of time, relationship, prayers, talents, and resources. We should all seek to grow in generosity in every […]

The Secret To Being Content


In I Timothy 6, Paul writes about contentment. This is a radically counter-cultural concept in a world that is constantly bombarding us with marketing messages designed to make us feel discontent. This passage from Philippians will help us understand how the love of money (not money itself) can lead us to great ruin. For many, it is a lack […]

Set Free! (The Blessings of God’s Plan)


This message will talk about the freedom that comes as we faithfully follow the wisdom of God’s word for finances. We will talk about those things that we are set free “from” (debt, anxiety, regret) and those things we are set free “for” (important financial goals, helping those in need, supporting God’s work.)

Common Sense That’s Not So Common


The beginning of a new year means that many people are thinking about their personal finances, maybe even making resolutions to get their financial house in order. The scriptures call every Christ follower to grow as an effective steward of God’s resources and to continue to grow in the grace of giving. So whether you are just getting […]