Sermons from October 2015

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The NEW Body


With all this talk about our human bodies, we need to be reminded that our bodies (in their current state) are temporary. Sometimes we spend way too much time, effort, and mental energy trying to take care of our temporary bodies. Also, the death of a family member or friend often raises questions about what […]



As we think about our physical bodies, we need a healthy perspective on pain and suffering. Our “soft” American mindset can lead us to believe that we should always seek comfort and sometimes this gets combined with a distorted spiritual perspective that God would never allow us to experience suffering. We need a healthy Biblical […]



This week will challenge us to reorient our lives around a Biblical rhythm. This week will cause us to examine why we often over-work in our jobs and in our service/ministry. We will explore why we often feel driven to work for the Lord rather than rest in Him, enjoy Him, and abide in Him. […]