Sermons from January 2014

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Prayer (Accessing the Power of Heaven)


Prayer is a powerful gift that God has given to all who are in Christ, yet it is a tool that is neglected and tragically under-used. What has God promised to us when we pray? How do we learn how to access God’s power through our prayers? This Sunday will be both inspiring and instructive as we learn […]

Self-Examination (Getting Honest with God)


Among the habits of godly people is the time to regularly reflect and examine one’s own life. Examination guided by the Holy Spirit ultimately leads to confession, repentance, and the fresh experience of God’s grace. This habit, though difficult, is life-giving to the believer and is critical for genuine transformation.

Bible Study (Encountering God in His Word)


The study of scripture is a consistent habit of all growing Christ-followers. Yet some struggle to find the time while many others don’t know how. This message will first focus on the overall idea of spiritual discipline and training for holiness. Then we will look at the value of studying scripture and conclude with some practical how to’s […]