We Go Together

We are glad you are with us for the 2022-2023 MOPS year. Whether this is your first, fourth or seventh year, we look forward to connecting with you in new ways, while we gather, grow and learn together. After a few years of widespread chaos, turmoil, ambivalence and feeling unsettled in many areas of our lives, our leadership team is excited to offer a year of hopeful, fun and genuine time together. We invite you to come along with us this year, where we will be more focused on camaraderie more than comparing; empathy more than making our point. Where we will show up in the best ways we can for those we know well and also for those we have just met. This year, together, we will expect good things!


Meeting Dates

Sept. 20.                      Feb. 7

Oct. 4                            Feb. 21

Oct. 18                        March 7

 Nov. 1                       March 21

Nov. 15                         April 4

Dec. 6                             April 18

Jan. 3                               May 2

Jan. 17                             May 18

Special Events

Bonfire: October 14th @ 7pm

Moms Night Out: Nov 18th @ 6:30 pm

Moms Night Out: March 3rd

Meet Your Leaders!


Programming Coordinator: Jynell Lambert

Hospitality & Service: Emily Schrader & Kacie Szott

Connection Team Coordinators: Jenean Moore & Jen Klosinski

Creative Activities: Jessamyn Bakanec

MOPSKids Coordinator: Elaine Rudnick

Finance/Registration: Jenna Burroughs

Childcare Coordinator: Kim Koukal

What about the kids?

By now you already got your child(ren) dropped off with our wonderful NB MOPS workers (yay!). This means you already read and signed the MOPS Kids Policy when registering your kids. If you need any information or want to review ANYTHING related to kids, please check out the information below! 

Other Guidelines