(September 19. 2021)

To the Generation that Built NorthBridge Church:

Congratulations on 20 years of serving and ministering in My Name. I commend you for your faithfulness and your tireless devotion to the work of the kingdom. You are a church that abounds!

But do not forget, it is I who ordained you, and it is I who sustains you.

Ruthlessly guard your unity and live as One Family. You are known by your love for your community and for your culture of welcome and embrace. Yearn to also be known by your hearts for the forgotten and the oppressed.

May you always trust in the gospel, the One Story — My Story, believing that it alone has saving power for all who truly believe.

I urge you to fix your eyes on the Savior and to be about the One Mission of making Him known everywhere – in your own sphere of influence, in your local community, and to the unreached and vulnerable in the world.

In the days ahead, new challenges are coming. The world will grow darker, resistance will become greater, fruit must be purer, hearts will be thirstier.

Your days are limited, so walk wisely and make the most of your time. Discern what is right, focus on what is essential, be firm in your resolve.

The days are nearing when the baton must be passed. Call out the next generation to set their hope on Christ and to serve Him with passion, and to not waste their lives on lesser things.

To those who represent the second generation, be teachable, eager to serve, and let no one look down on you because you are young. Instead, set an example that inspires the NorthBridge family and spurs on all to love and good deeds.

NorthBridge, if you live as One Family, sharing the One Story of Me, and giving all for the One Mission that is worthy of it, you can know that greater things are yet to come. I look forward to walking with you and leading you in the days ahead.

Press On,

PS… I am a God of celebration. I ordained festivals all throughout the Old Testament because I love it when my people feast and sing, laugh and rejoice before Me. So let your love for each other flow freely. Revel in this special
moment because I will be joining in with you too. 🙂