Our Global Impact effort is led by the Bridge to the Nations team. This team exists to serve others outside of building walls and raise awareness through prayer and engagement with our strategic partners all over the world.

Multiple times a year, we equip and send teams to our cross-cultural partners. In 2020 we have some great opportunities you can learn more about below.


You will do well to send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God. For they have gone out for the sake of the Name! 3 John 6-7

What is an Advocacy Team?

An Advocacy Team is a group of Northbridge people committed to supporting one of our mission partners. This team is a group of 6-12 individuals who take the responsibility to coordinate our church’s support and encouragement of our Mission Partners and to serve as their representatives to the NorthBridge Church body.

What is the Advocacy Team responsible to accomplish? 

There are two major aspects of the Advocacy Team’s: care and representation. The success of an advocacy team depends on its ability to accomplish these two goals from the time that the mission partner prepares to leave for the field until his or her return. This would include prayer, care packages, emails, support of projects and initiatives. Please reach out to Pastor Lance for more information lance@northbridgechurch.org