Contrary to what many may believe, the Bible portrays our God as exceedingly generous.  When we understand the true giving heart of God, it heightens our worship and builds within us a spirit of gratitude and contentment.  Our generous God then calls us to be like him – generous.  Don’t we all want to be thought of as generous people?  God invites us to experience the true joy of giving as we learn to be increasingly generous with our money, our time, our talents, and our prayers.  Come join us as we take new steps to grow in generosity together.
Sunday, January 5 – Our Generous God – Mark Albrecht (Audio, Video)
Sunday, January 12 – A Lifestyle of Generosity – Mark Albrecht (Audio, Video)
Sunday, January 19 – The Legacy of Generosity – Mark Albrecht (Audio, Video)
Sunday, January 26 – Baptism Celebration Sunday – Mark Albrecht (Audio, Video)