Forward Motion

The church calendar season of Lent is a time to fix our eyes on Jesus and to prepare our hearts for the remembrance of Good Friday and the celebration of Easter. This year, we will turn our attention to the Gospel of Mark.

Mark is the first of the gospel accounts to be written (65-70 AD), and it is also the shortest (16 chapters). Because it is shorter, Mark’s gospel doesn’t waste many words. Instead of beginning with the birth of Jesus, Mark opens with the baptism of Jesus and the launch of his public ministry. His gospel is forceful and fresh. He quickly moves from one episode in the ministry of Jesus to another and uses the word “immediately” over 40 times.

Last fall, we shared a message on “Shifting Out of Spiritual Neutral.” Mark’s gospel calls us to actively follow Jesus to a living, dynamic faith that moves forward with motion and resolve. As we read through his account, we will see Mark wants us to be more than mere observers, but to enter in and respond.

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Introduction to the Gospel of Mark
Why Did Mark Write His Gospel?
 Tell Me Something About the Author
Key Themes in the Gospel of Mark
Who Was Mark’s Audience?
What Was the Context?