Parents want to make an impact spiritually on their children and NorthBridge wants to help!  Passport to Purity is the fifth step in our Milestone Journey and each Milestone has a parent seminar to guide you. You can sign up for this 4-week course held each Sunday morning at 10:45am during the 2nd service beginning Sunday, November 1st. (You’re encouraged to attend all 4 Sundays on Nov. 1, Nov. 8, Nov. 15, and Nov. 22). Each child will receive a Passport Journal to be used throughout the course.

We recommend that families attend the 1st service in-person at 9am on Sunday mornings then head to the Passport to Purity experience. Students are going to enjoy multiple fun activities that we’ve integrated either into the class time or added on as a fun opportunity for you to do at home or at a restaurant.

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Note: The main curriculum that we will be using is a product of Family Life based in Little Rock. It has the same name (ie Passport to Purity) and you can find out more about it by clicking this link: Learn more about Family Life and/or Passport to Purity. Family Life provides resources for parents, blended families, couples and more geared towards helping your family flourish in a broken world as you follow Jesus.