Hi Ladies!  It has been TOO long since we’ve been able to see one another! Unfortunately, we can’t have a large-scale event at church at this time, but we have an alternative plan in place to be able to move forward together.

So, join us for our first event on Friday, September 25th from 7 – 8:30pm. We are offering two options for this event: virtual gathering via zoom AND small group gatherings at host homes. (Masks will not be required at homes due to ability to social distance, but feel free to wear one as you feel comfortable). If weather permits, we will be outside at these locations. Make sure to dress for the weather on the patio!

We will be sharing our theme for the year, focusing on connection and encouraging one another in these unprecedented times. There is also a surprise in store – you won’t want to miss! Thanks to our hosts for allowing this to move forward in this way.

Registration is free and open for ages 19 and up. Please select either the virtual host or an in-person host location – and invite a friend to join you!  We have options all across our WI/IL region – check out the map for a place close to you. The exact address will be shared in a confirmation email at the time of the completed registration.  Zoom information will also be shared in a separate email if you are able to join our virtual host. Registration closes Wednesday, September 23rd.

We can’t wait to see you all! Questions? Please contact Danae Handorf at danaehandorf@gmail.com.