Join us for a family-friendly 5K walk/run to help raise awareness and funds to support a local cause on Saturday, October 19th from 9am-12pm at the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

This year we are supporting Live4Lali and their mission to end the stigma of addiction and raise real awareness and support for people in our community. Click below to join us by being a volunteer, donating or registering for the run/walk.

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Thank you so much for visiting! We are excited to host our 2nd annual FIGHT THE CRISIS 5K! Take a look at what we accomplished together last year here.

(Laura Fry, Director of Patient and Family Services Live4Lali, Inc.SMART Recovery Regional Co-Coordinator and Rachel Gowland)

“These images brought tears to my eyes! We are so touched and humbled by the incredible generosity of your church! Thank you for choosing us. We love all of you as well! “

-Chelsea Laliberte (Executive Director/Co-Founder, Live4Lali, Inc.)

Update on 10/24/19:

We would like to thank everyone for participating, volunteering, sponsoring, and sharing about the event. See below for a group picture and the times from this year’s Fight The Crisis 5K at the Pleasant Prairie Rec Plex.


Final Times for Fight the Crisis 5K 2019 Runners and Walkers

*We transcribed from a written document and apologize if your name is spelled incorrectly

**We timed everyone else who ran past the pines, and stopped timing everyone at 1 hour

Bib # Last Name  First Name Time
1 Handorf Cael 21.12
2 Harding Stacy 37.29
3 Turner Rodney 37.29
4 Handorf Tim 23.59
5 Handorf Karys 28.22
6 Handorf Danae n/a
7 Franks Dale n/a
8 Franks Sandra n/a
9 Sytsma John 49.55
10 Sytsma Jade 27.5
11 Sytsma Tristan 36.2
12 Figgins Bailey n/a
13 Fierstine Rebecca 31.02
14 Hayman Nicholas 39.4
15 Barton Gary 50.55
16 Barton Karlie 50.55
17 Smarto Joe n/a
18 Blachowski JT 26.49
19 Rogers Sarah 31.47
20 Fox Cathy n/a
21 Schneider Robin n/a
22 Latz Brenda n/a
23 Cellucci Katy 34.56
24 Cellucci Mike 31.19
25 Cellucci Travis n/a
26 Cellucci Kevin n/a
27 Albrecht Michelle n/a
28 Mitzelfelt Linda n/a
29 Anicki Sue n/a
30 Padilla Itzl 22.3
31 Figgins Craig n/a
32 Roloff Boyd 29.55
33 Rolla Andrea n/a
34 Roloff Zack 22.57
35 Belcher Marilyn n/a
36 Bargas Josafa n/a
37 Bell Nelia n/a
38 Schlake Anna 28.29
39 Schlake Bryan 28.15
40 Gallo Ken 45.05
41 Ulibarri Leslie n/a
42 Ulibarri Vince 31.06
43 Niles RaeAnne n/a
44 Kelly Carol n/a
45 Geib Rich n/a
46 Geib Debbie n/a
47 Phipps Kaveryn n/a
48 Phipps Kaydance n/a
49 Phipps Ashley 48.2
50 Witt Mindie 28.27
51 Crippen Troy n/a
52 Crippen Chase n/a
53 Fornwald Lisa n/a
54 Daucell Evey n/a
55 Zibel Maryellen n/a
56 Yaccino Bill 39.52
57 Haynesworth Richard n/a
58 Lambert Beth 51.22
59 Campbell Joyce 44.1
60 Carner Donna 44.1
61 Dodd Kim n/a
62 Bridges Lindsey n/a
63 Bridges Family n/a
64 Bridges Family n/a
65 Bridges Family n/a
66 Becker Sierra n/a
67 Becker Dakota n/a
68 Cheung Renee n/a
69 Shank Wiesia n/a
70 Colleti Steve n/a
71 Colleti Amanda n/a
72 Carner Wes n/a
73 Degroot Tim 34.56
74 Degroot Sara n/a
75 Litwiller Drew n/a
76 Litwiller Hannah n/a
77 Rolla Aaron 30.45