Prayer. Changes. Things.

It deepens our connection with our loving, Heavenly Father. It reminds us of our true identity as adopted daughters and sons of the King. And, it changes the hearts of those who pray. Aligning our heart with God’s will to see his kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven: more peace, more hope and more love for those around us.

Over the Last several years NorthBridge has participated in 30 Days of Prayer for our mission partners and unreached peoples they serve.  This international prayer movement began in 1993. It calls the church to an intentional and respectful effort to learn about, pray for and reach out to some of the most unreached and unengaged people of the world.

Often what we hear in the news are sound bites about extremism which can easily incite anger, fear and even hatred towards refugees, immigrants and people in other countries. As followers of Jesus, we seek to resist this temptation to generalize and stereotype. Instead, Jesus calls us to pray for them, bless them and help them discover Jesus.

This year, as we join in with millions of Christians around the world, we again focus our prayers on specific needs of our ministry partners. We will pray for people in three geographic areas: 1). Immigrants and refugees in Chicago 2). Our partners serving in West Africa 3). Those serving, and being served in South Asia.

We trust this guide will be a tool to help you understand and pray for our neighbors, especially the unreached people groups of the world.

To receive a pdf file, register on line with the QR Coder of with this link, where you can receive prayers daily via text or to join our private Facebook group, CLICK HERE.