Full name: Dawn Hayman

Ministry role: Pastor

Your family: I’m married to my husband Chris and mom to our three young adult children; Nick, Jon and Meghan.

Dream vacation: My dream vacation is a warm and breezy Caribbean beach with about 10 books that I have being waiting to read. Regular order at Starbucks: The Pink Drink that was introduced to me by the fabulous Rachel Gowland.

People I would like to meet: I would like to meet Elizabeth Elliott and Dallas Willard. I have follow up questions for both of them about their lives and things they have written.  These folks reside in heaven so my questions will have to wait!

One thing most people don’t know about me:  I love to listen to and explore ideas, thoughts and beliefs contrary to my own. I enjoy learning different perspectives as I find it really opens up doors for listening to hearts more that just opinions.


Favorite scriptures: Matthew 6:33 and Galatians 3:28-29

Life-changing moment: Becoming a mother was by far my most life-altering moment! Toughest most rewarding job EVER.

What makes you laugh? I am an easy laugher…if you are laughing I’m probably laughing too!

Least favorite thing to do: WAITING.

Things that fascinate me: I am fascinated by the background/history of everything.

People who inspire me: People that persevere even when everything on this side of heaven is screaming, “just give up!”

Least favorite food: Mustard is GROSS.

Pet peeves: Nepotism, entitlement, and greed.

Favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs

Last meal on earth: Anything lovingly prepared and shared with the people I love.

Favorite movie: The Family Man

Favorite book: Non-fiction – The Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight
Fiction –  Anything book written by Lynn Austin