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In the Red

In the five days after entering Jerusalem before His crucifixion, Jesus made some profound statements.  He touched on a number of important topics in his final days, and each of these statements appears “in red” in many Bibles.  The fact that these statements all take place in the final days before his death seem to indicate that he was intentionally addressing important ideas and priorities for those who would follow Him and carry out His mission.  Join us as we look at these important “red” statements of Jesus that will help us ready our hearts for the Easter season.

Sunday, March 1       Jesus on Worship (Luke 19:40) – Mark Albrecht (Video|Audio)

Sunday, March 8       Jesus on Praying for the Lost   (Matt. 23:37) – Bill Yaccino (Video|Audio)

Sunday, March 15     Jesus on Access to God (Matt. 21:13)  – Mark Albrecht (Video|Audio)

Sunday, March 22     Jesus on Testing (Luke 22:31) – Mark Albrecht (Video|Audio) + Livestream Video

Sunday, March 29     Jesus on His Return (Matt. 24:36) – Mark Albrecht (Video|Audio) + Livestream Video + PDF Discussion Guide

Sunday, April 5         Jesus on Spiritual Authenticity – Dawn Hayman (Video|Audio) (Palm Sunday) + PDF Discussion Guide

Thursday, April 9     Jesus on Surrender (Matt. 26:39) – Bill Yaccino (Video|Audio) (Maundy Thursday)


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