Being a Christian involves more than just going to church and believing in Jesus. The invitation of the Christian life is a journey of transformation, to be made new from the inside out. This process involves learning from the Bible and learning new spiritual practices. But sometimes the most important part of spiritual growth is not what we learn but what we “unlearn” – unhealthy habits and thought patterns that rob us of freedom and joy. 

Join us we learn to “Unlearn” and become the calm, joyful, life-giving people God intends for us to be.

Sunday Messages

Sept. 26
Unlearn the Curse of Comparison

Oct. 3
Unlearn Conflict Avoidance

Oct. 10
Unlearn Image Management

Oct. 17
Unlearn the Need for Control

Oct. 24
Unlearn Consumer Christianity

Oct. 31
Unlearn Hyper-Individualism

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One Family, One Story, One Mission

September 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of NorthBridge. In this series, we looked back and shared some of the best stories that God has authored through the ministry of NorthBridge. We were reminded of who God has called us to be, the vision and values that has made our congregation unique and special. We also took some time to look ahead, getting a glimpse of what we believe God has for us in the decades ahead. 

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