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One of the greatest concerns of Jesus before leaving earth was that His followers remain unified.  He even said that if HIs people were not one, the world would not believe in Him.  In other words, the unity of the church is critical to the mission of Jesus.  Here in the summer of 2020, the church faces daunting challenges.  Responses to COVID-19, racial unrest, and the upcoming election all threaten to undo the unity of the church.  In this series, we will focus on the passion of Jesus for His people to be one and the factors that enhance unity.

Sunday, June 28  United We Stand (Mark Albrecht)  Livestream Link + Discussion Guide

Sunday, July 5     Unity Factor #1 – A Humble Spirit (Mark Albrecht)  Livestream Link + Discussion Guide

Sunday, July 12    Unity Factor #2 – A Heart of Service (Mark Albrecht)  Livestream Link (Coming Soon) + Discussion Guide

Sunday, July 19    Unity Factor #3 – The Yielding of Rights (Mark Albrecht)  Livestream Link (Coming Soon) + Discussion Guide (Coming Soon)

Sunday, July 26    Unity Factor #4 – A Vision for Diversity (Bill Yaccino)  Livestream Link (Coming Soon) + Discussion Guide (Coming Soon)

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