Special Needs Ministry of NorthBridge Church – Bridging Abilities

(Due to Covid-19, we have suspended FUNtastic Friday and other events. We are in the process of determining how best to safely serve and support you and your families)

Accepting. Inclusive. Accessible.  Northbridge is all these and more.  With a fully accessible, ground-level building, family restrooms, and more than adequate parking for all vehicles, Northbridge welcomes you to attend all events and activities.

People with disabilities and families with children with special needs are invited to worship and hear God’s loving word alongside a welcoming family of believers.

FUNtastic Friday is a free, quarterly program for children 3 and up through adulthood with special needs or physical disabilities.  Games, crafts, group activities and storytelling engage all participants.  “Peer Pals” and professional special education trained volunteers team up with all who attend the event (typically 1 ½ hours).

Parent/Family Support Group:  Would you personally benefit from the camaraderie of other parents and loved ones in a similar situation as yourself?  A Parent/Family Reception is held alongside each Funtastic Friday event.  All are welcome.  Special guests will be invited to help you better understand the laws, special needs wills, guardianship, and state services available for you and your loved one.

Small group “coffee dates” are also set up to provide more one-on-one support with key volunteers or professionals from the committee.

For more information, please contact Judy Bergh at jbergh1333@gmail.com