Name: Cody Albrecht

Role: Creative Arts and Student Ministry Resident

Your Family: Married to Brenna Albrecht as of April 26, 2019

Education: Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Bethel University (St Paul, MN) as of 2018. Currently pursuing Masters in Worship Arts and Biblical Leadership from Wheaton

Dream Vacation: a trip to Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. Simply because they are rated as having the whitest beaches and the clearest ocean water. This trip would involve a lot of laying on the beach as well snorkeling and getting over my fear of Sharks. On top of this, I would have a personal island chef who would cook me a fresh breakfast and sushi for all meals.

Regular Order at Starbucks: BLACK COFFEE

People I would like to meet: Cory Asbury (Bethel worship leader), William Booth (founder of Salvation Army), Kris Bryant (Third baseman Chicago Cubs) and obviously….JESUS.

When/Where did you get saved: Jewel parking lot, Gurnee, Illinois. I had prayed with my father that night to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior after I was finally able to put together the fact that I am sinful and broken.


In my spare time: I like to lift weights, binge watch netflix tv series and eat lots of donuts.

Favorite Actor: Will Ferrell

Favorite TV show: The Office or, slightly less favorite Friends

Other current job: Youth Development Specialist at IMPACT Child & Family Therapies

Least favorite food: Brussel Sprouts

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Cubs

Favorite Movie: Miracle (gives me goosebumps every time) *I can also recite the speech prior to the Russia game word for word.