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Hidden Figures: Unsung Heroines of the Bible – Lydia

by Bill Yaccino

June 13, 2021 (Pastor Mark Albrecht) – Lydia (Acts 16:6-15) Message Big Idea – God rewards those who genuinely seek Him, and all those who seek Him can impact their sphere of influence. One way we do that is by being generous and offering hospitality to others, and by doing so, we reveal God’s heart […]

Hidden Figures: Unsung Heroines of the Bible – Priscilla

by Bill Yaccino

June 6, 2021 (Pastor Dawn Hayman) – Priscilla (Acts 18; Romans 16:4; 1 Cor. 16:9) Message Big Idea – Although most of the character we encounter in the Bible are men, it is significant to note that a handful of strong female characters throughout the Old and New Testament make culture shifting and world changing […]

St. Patrick’s Unique Style

by Bill Yaccino

I am a bit of a church history nut. When I come across stories that are not only interesting from a historical perspective, but also relevant to our current situation, my ears perk up! The story of St. Patrick is one of those stories… and then some!