July 11, 2021 (Interview with White Stone counselors, John Noto and Jenean Moore)

Message Big Idea – 2020 and 2021 have been unprecedented years of challenge. Facing this challenge has created new forms of stress and anxiety for many. What does the “Whole Person Wheel” of your life look life? How aware of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are you? What are ways I can find ways to
move towards whole health?

Reflect on the following sequence of questions. If you are doing this with others, share your responses with them.

LEAN IN >> Think about it.

  • What are you grateful for this week? What are you struggling with?
  • Recall a time when you felt completely out of control or overcome with anxious thoughts. What were the circumstances? What were some of the ripple effects of this stress?

LOOK DOWN >> Read the following passages and discuss or reflect on the  the corresponding questions:

  • Read Psalm 69:1-3; Psalm 18:1-3 (Read twice – ESV and either NLT or Message)
  • Briefly retell the passage in your own words.
  • What word or phrase “jumped off the page” and intrigued you the most?

LOOK OUT >> Connect the world of the Bible to our culture.

  • What are some of the challenges you have seen others struggle with over the last year and a half?
  • What are some ways they have dealt with those challenges (both good and bad)?

LOOK IN >> Go straight to the heart of the matter.

  • What ways have you personally found help you overcome anxiety?
  • What spiritual practices would you want to grow in to help you cope with stress?

LIVE IT OUT >> Put it into action.

  • What is one thing God seems to be asking you to do in response to this passage? Who can you tell about this “I will” statement in the next 48 hours?
  • For personal or group study: Right Now Media – Overcoming Anxiety; Facing Anxiety; Anxious for Nothing.
  • Understanding Your Identity in Christ