Full name: William Girard Yaccino (is that cool, or what?)

Ministry role: As Pastor of Disciplemaking, I get to help NorthBridger’s grow in their faith and take steps at becoming Alive to God’s love, Anchored in God’s truth, and Activated for God’s purpose and mission.

Education: I’m a Boilermaker (Purdue) that studied computer science. I fine-tuned that at Creighton University with a Master’s Degree in Computer Systems Management and put it to use in both the US Air Force and Amex as a software engineer. So of course the natural next step was … to become a pastor!! Yep – while serving as pastor, I finished a Master’s in Theology from Fresno Pacific University.

Dream vacation: anywhere with awesome people and/or a great cause. I love taking short-term missions trips and experiencing new cultures. Last few years I traveled to Istanbul, Turkey and met some of the most amazing refugees! Wine country is always a win!

One thing most people don’t know about me: I used to have hair and play in a rock band!!

When and where did you get saved: in the middle of the Purdue University engineering mall!

Quirks: I whistle every time I walk to the bathroom!

Favorite scripture: I love reading and re-reading Romans 5, 6, 7 & 8.

Favorite singer or band: 70’s arena rockers… Styx, Foreigner, Kansas, Steely Dan

What sport are you not good at? I really suck at fast-moving card games! Not a sport? It is when you lose!

Least favorite food: Not crazy about capers or sun-dried tomatoes 🙁

Life motto: I want to be sensitive enough to hear God’s voice… wise enough to understand what he is saying… and bold enough to do what he is asking me to do!