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Unlearning Comparison

by Bill Yaccino

September 26, 2021 – Pastor Mark Albrecht Luke 18:10-12 Message Big Idea –  Life and faith is all about growth and progress. We base that growth on our relationship with Jesus as we learn to follow Him faithfully and to the best of our ability. But sometimes, “the way it’s always been” stops us from […]

A Letter from Jesus on NorthBridge’s 20th Anniversary

by Bill Yaccino

(September 19. 2021) To the Generation that Built NorthBridge Church: Congratulations on 20 years of serving and ministering in My Name. I commend you for your faithfulness and your tireless devotion to the work of the kingdom. You are a church that abounds! But do not forget, it is I who ordained you, and it […]

One Mission

by Bill Yaccino

September 12, 2021 – Pastor Mark Albrecht Mark 1: 16-20 Message Big Idea –  The church, as One family, provides an opportunity to join One mission. That mission is to invite others to experience and respond to God’s love by centering our life on the person and work of Jesus. DIG DEEPER >>Reflect on the […]

One Story

by Bill Yaccino

September 5, 2021 – Pastor Mark Albrecht 1 Corinthians 15:1-10 Message Big Idea – The church’s story is a collection of individual stories that find their significance in the One larger story of Jesus. When attaching our story to his historically significant story, we find transformational power that is the catalyst to real change and […]