Day 1, 2, and 3–from the Team in Nigeria: Tony & Katie Losinger, Cami Franks, Ray & Gigi Ludwig, Sandy Jacobs (all from Northbridge), and Dan Orlano and Dr. Joe Ahn from Iowa and Skokie.

We made it to O’hare—took a group photo—we had a little food and it was time to jump on the first part of the trip—destination Frankfort—9 hours and we were there.  The team was so excited that few of us slept on this leg of the journey!!

It was a mile to get to our gate—but we made it just in time to get in line for the part of the trip that would bring us to Lagos!!  This time there was no problem with the ability to sleep for awhile.  It was another 7 hours, but we made it.  We were met by Pastor Emmanuel’s brother who helped to speed up the journey through customs with our passports.  Next stop was Baggage Claim.  We had 12 large suitcases and 4 large boxes to gather that held medical supplies, computers, computer parts, and a large quantity of school supplies—over 800 pounds of supplies, plus the carry on luggage and backpacks.  It was amazing to see how God worked to get us here safely and through customs without a hitch!!  Thank you for those who are back there praying for us—so far your prayers are working!!

Today is Monday and the Tech Crew got a lot done.  They were blessed with a good supply of electricity that stayed consistent through the day.  Our medical team was able to see quite a few patients and even had time to come visit the students after school.  They were asked many questions and were so excited to see Dr.  Joe and Cami.

The school group of teachers entertained the older students in the morning with amazing science experiments, a reader’s theater, a little magic, and some art made from a mathematical design.  In the afternoon, all of the little ones heard the story of Noah and his ark.  After the story the students had a chance to play a game where they had the chance to save many animals.

This has been a great day for all—again, your prayers are working.  Thank you all!!  See you tomorrow!!

Day 4–from Nigeria

What a great day for the Tech Team!! They problem solved and helped a member of Blessing’s family with a computer and printer that was not working.  It took all of 15 minutes to make her smile and get everything back in working order.  In the 2 short days of working here, they have set up, cleaned, and restored 20 computers-an amazing feat!!

The medical team was really busy today with many patients to see!! They were busy from the time they opened until closing.  The Nigerian people are grateful for Dr. Joe and Cami and the word has spread that they are here!!

The teachers continue to find willing participants in the lessons we brought to share with the children at the school.  The older students are loving the scientific thoughts that Katie and Tony are sharing and the haikus that Dan taught and that the students wrote.  String art with Sandy is fun for the kids as well-currently there is not an Art program here, so the students enjoy creating a work of “he-art.”

Plans were finalized for the Teacher Workshop this Friday and Saturday as well.

A busy day is coming to an end- we cannot get the television working for the World Cup match between Nigeria and Argentina so we will look for happy or sad faces tomorrow when we go out to determine the winner of the match!!

Day 5 – from Nigeria

Another day with a lot going on.  The Tech Crew continues to find success setting up and offering support to the people her at Life Builders.
The Medical Staff received a home made cake from a patient that Cami had prayed with the other day.  She was kind enough to share it with all of us at dinner tonight:)!!  Thank you, Cami—your kindness was rewarded and we all got to enjoy the good cake!!
The teachers started the day with an hour and a half of “gym” outdoors teaching soccer (football) and basketball).  Then it was inside to teach lessons before lunch and BBA in the afternoon.  The little ones had their first experience with a beach ball—it was fun watching them play and learn about the love of Jesus.
We are all a little tired and quite full from Cami’s cake:)!!  See you tomorrow!!

Day 6 – from Nigeria
Once again another successful work completed as only the Lord would orchestrate! Our debriefing time was filled with testimony of not only how Jesus is using us, but how He is transforming our hearts to carry more of the love of Jesus to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Between understanding better our place and purpose individually and seeing an inkling of the bigger picture of God’s Kingdom work, we are united in the Spirit of fellowship.

Praises to give: Teachers at Lifebuilders are feeling a stronger connection of trust and collaboration.
Medical team is seeing increased confidence in the new resident doctor as he relates to patient care and trains the nurse’s assistants.
Technical team has experienced better than expected electrical power in spite of a few disturbances.
All are trusting in the Lord for the work and preparation they have done for tomorrow’s conference.

Prayer Requests:

– Protection for all traveling to and from the conference.
– Successful teaching, interaction and take home value for all who attend.
– Nurses do well on their nursing finals.
– Electrical power and technology are strong and steady throughout the conference.