This summer NorthBridge is sending an Adult Short-term Missions trip to our strategic partners at LifeBuilders Ministries in Nigeria. From June 16-26 a team will travel to serve at the LifeBuilders School and Medical Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. Our team has been asked to train teachers, coaches and medical personnel. Thank you for joining with us to pray for, support and supply our team which hopes to bless the staff of LifeBuilders.

Check out their latest trip update below…

Day 5

The week has flown by and it is incredible to think that it is already Friday! The week is coming to a close with many wonderful experiences behind us and plenty of upcoming events this weekend.

The local television news station came by the school today and filmed Tony’s science classroom lecture, Tina’s sewing class, GiGi and Ray’s computer lab, and Dan’s basketball game. The film crew gave a big endorsement of Life Builders International School and gave the community an opportunity to learn more about the school.

Today was also a busy day for the medical team as we saw well over 100 patients at the clinic. We also participated in writing and grading the nursing student’s oral exams for the end of the school year. Doctor Joe was able to see one of his returning patients; he saw the healing that has taken place over the past few years and we had the opportunity to see her house and family. One of our prayers as a group was to have this patient return and receive further treatment this week and God blessed our team with the privilege to serve her once more.

The teacher and technology groups have a big day ahead of them tomorrow with their First Annual International Christian Education Conference. Please keep them all in your prayers!

Day 6
First Annual International Christian Education Conference–Last night our team came together to help the teachers this time to set up the dream of Pastor Emmanuel–a conference for all teachers in the surrounding Nigerian states to come hear the positive ideas for educating their students in a Christian manner that encourages the children in a positive way. We all worked setting up classrooms, making signs for doors, finding tables, hanging sheets for screens, and dealing with the intermittent availability of electricity. We grew tired and decided to come back the next morning.

Today we woke early and went to finish preparation for the conference. About 30 minutes before the start we were provided with a traditional Nigerian outfit. The outfits were beautiful–all of the women were given dresses and the men, a traditional shirt. We now looked like a true team ready to go out on the field, and that is what we did. As we entered the great hall there were not many attendees in the audience but as the speakers started groups arrived in great numbers. There were around 70 who came to this first conference of its kind in Nigeria. Even the King Kabuseeii state attended. He spoke to affirm Pastor Emmanuel’s vision of a need for the students to be taught in a positive way through a Christian manner to help Nigeria to become a great state, to overcome the negative things that go on. The attendees were dismissed to classes where they were offered ideas of positive ways to approach their teaching and new ways to offer the subject matter they taught to their students. They were an eager audience and offered a lot of positive feedback. After the “breakout sessions” we all met together for some final comments, questions, and pictures. Our team has a true feeling of relief that the conference was over, seemed to be a success, and that God truly seemed to be with us and those who came today.

We had a wonderful dinner. Sadly we are all going home tomorrow so we spent a lot of time all together tonight. See you tomorrow for our last blog. Pray for our safe travel home.