This summer NorthBridge is sending an Adult Short-term Missions trip to our strategic partners at LifeBuilders Ministries in Nigeria. From June 16-26 a team will travel to serve at the LifeBuilders School and Medical Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. Our team has been asked to train teachers, coaches and medical personnel. Thank you for joining with us to pray for, support and supply our team which hopes to bless the staff of LifeBuilders.

Check out their first trip update below…

Day 1: Welcome to Nigeria

After an 8 hour flight, 4 hour layover, 6 hour final flight, hours in customs, and two and a half hour drive WE FINALLY ARRIVED! Our travel went as smooth as possible, all except customs in Nigeria. Please continue to pray as we are hoping to still get 6 (out of 19 total) boxes of medication through customs.

Today we were able to observe LifeBuilder’s school where the teaching team was able to sit in on some classes, meet teachers, and love on some of the kids. We feel like celebrities as the kids get excited to see us, take our photos, and want to touch our hair and skin. The teaching team has already been asked to jump in and start teaching lessons tomorrow!

At the clinic, we were able to organize and re-stock the pharmacy with the medical supplies we were able to bring through customs. We were able to meet some of the medical staff and helped them treat 13 patients. We have begun putting together a nursing skills training day that is planned Wednesday.

Thank you for partnering along with us on this adventure! Please continue to pray for us:
1. We would receive the rest of our boxes from customs
2. Continued safetey and good health
3. We would glorify God and encourage the LifeBuilder staff around us – especially for the teaching team as they are planning lessons for tomorrow.


The Nigeria Team