This summer NorthBridge is sending an Adult Short-term Missions trip to our strategic partners at LifeBuilders Ministries in Nigeria. From June 16-26 a team will travel to serve at the LifeBuilders School and Medical Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. Our team has been asked to train teachers, coaches and medical personnel. Thank you for joining with us to pray for, support and supply our team which hopes to bless the staff of LifeBuilders.

Check out their latest trip update below…

Day 4:
Mission team went to a poor area in Sogunro that was a fishing village–about a 3 hour ride from Life builders.  As we approached the area it became evident that this was a place of extreme poverty.  We parked the cars and exited onto a dirt road that was full of mud holes and rags that were muddy as well.  We wove our way through the shacks to the church that was nestled among the shanties.  We saw many children who had little to wear that were dirty and looked unkempt.  The walk only took about 10 minutes, but it was a long sad journey.  When we arrived at the church there were about 100 adults with their children all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our medical team.  Pastor Emmanuel led the group in prayer and explained that the adults and children would be receiving a pill that would “deworm” them for 3 months.  Then everyone sat in chairs and waited to see the medical team.  Everyone helped to take temperatures and mix antibiotics.  It was truly a “group effort”–a true team in action helping and supporting one another–that is what has happened every day we are here.

When we left we went to a sister school where Tony talked to the parents of the students about the importance of receiving an education.  He commended them for making the children a priority and providing support for their children.  There were students there as well.  Tony told the students that it was their responsibility to fulfill the dreams of their parents and should work hard to be successful.  Afterwards we went and were treated like “movie stars”–everyone wanted to touch us, feel our hair, or get a hug.  For the next 2 hours we were photographed and greeted by so many appreciative parents, students, and teachers.

The whole day was an overwhelming experience, fulfilling, and sad.  There is so much need here and all we are able to do is help a small group.  God will have to provide as well.  We are all tired but happy for the time together and the journey we took today!!