Electric Power vs. God’s Power

Written by Ray & Gigi Ludwig

We have now finished work of Day #2 and as we reflect on what’s been happening in these past two days we have to confess that our expectations were totally out of sync with God’s plans for our trip.  We had our own ideas and pre-suppositions as to how we would improve and rebuild the computer technology in the computer room.  After two days of frustration in the struggle of having sporadic electricity and not having the power we need to complete the work we realize that God is working above and beyond our circumstances.  First working in our hearts to recognize our own attitudes of, if not selfishness, at the very least a lack of gratitude for what we have and take for granted back home…what we would call ‘simple electricity’.  But more importantly, the times we considered a bust because of no power and we only completed work on 8 out of 30 available computers to repair God used for His glory and purpose.

It was in fact during those times without power that God’s power showed up.  Sorry to say not in the huge bolt of lightning sort of way, but in the subtle molding of the hearts kind-of-way.  It was during these periods of ‘black outs’ that we were able to connect on a deeper level with the two young men we are teaching computer technology. They are hungry to hear about our walk of faith as it related to our marriage.  They had so many questions and wanted to know what we had to share and what we would tell their peers about marriage.  God also broke our hearts for these young men and the people of Ogun State and LifeBuilders, understanding so much more of their daily struggles of life.  And yet, still seeing the joy in their faces and hearing the praises to Jesus from their mouths let us know that God’s true power is working here.

Update on prayer requests:  Thanks to all praying for the medicines to be returned.  God answered your prayers and LifeBuilders was able to retrieve them today!