Who said, “Give me liberty or give me death!”?

What was the name of the Jack Russell Terrier on the TV show, Frasier?

What jersey number did “the Great One,” Wayne Gretzky wear?

What year did the first Star Wars movie come out?

What organelle is known as the powerhouse of the cell? If questions like these pique your interest and your intellect; if you’ve ever yelled at the TV watching Jeopardy on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire; if you enjoy playing games like Trivial Pursuit; if you’re looking for an entertaining night out with good friends and fun, competitive environment, look no further! Our Trivia Night was designed for you.

What can you expect at Trivia Night, besides lots of laughter and the stark realization that your brain is shrinking? Teams of up to eight players each will match wits in ten rounds of ten questions each. Trivia categories may include everything from Actors to Airplanes to Zzzzzs (the science of sleep), and everything in between. The team who scores the most points after the ten rounds of competition will be awarded a cash prize.

Who? YOU and up to seven friends.

What? Trivia Night with soft drinks and snacks available for purchase.

Why? To raise money for NorthBridge Church’s AXIS Senior High Mission Team who will be traveling to Moscow, Russia from July 18-29 to partner with our sister church Paradigma while serving at an evangelistic English camp.

Cost $75 per table of 4-8 players. You can register online with the link below.

Register by February 13