On Sunday, April 7, our elementary age children will have an opportunity to participate in communion, some for the very first time!

This is one of our 7 Milestone Moments designed to equip parents to disciple their children. Each Milestone has two components:

1. Parent Seminar: Each parent seminar is an opportunity for parents to be equipped as the primary spiritual influencers in the life of their kids as their children grow and develop. Two identical parent seminars will be offered in March in preparation for the celebration event:
          Sunday, March 10 at 9:00am (cancelled)
         Sunday, March 31 at 10:45am – Click Here to Register

2. Celebration Event: These unique family experiences are designed to mark special steps in a child’s spiritual journey.

Learn more about this Milestone Moment below.

First Communion – In our Faith Foundations Parent Seminar we encourage parents to have regular Faith Talks with their children. For those who have made decisions to follow Jesus we encourage parents to follow-up with discipleship by using a resource like the book, “Life’s Biggest Adventure” to prepare them for what communion means. April 7 will be a celebration for those who have decided to follow Jesus and have been prepared for the significance of communion to participate in a special way in the service. If you have any questions about that process please contact Brad Bridges at brad@northbridgechurch.org.

Click Here if you would like your child to celebrate communion for the first time on April 7