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I Will Rejoice

The seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas provide a great time to study Philippians!  Philippians is a book about contentment and joy, but not because God promises happiness or a stress-free existence.   As Paul writes this letter, he is actually living under house arrest and fearing for his life.  But despite all of this, Paul shares his inner resolve to be thankful and to rejoice.  As we go through this message series, no matter what our circumstances, we too will find ourselves saying “I Will Rejoice” because of the example of Jesus, the promise of God’s ongoing work in our lives, and the rich relationships we can know as part of God’s family.


1/4  I Will Rejoice Because… God isn’t finished with me  (Phil. 1:1-18)

11/11  I Will Rejoice Because… Either way, it’s about Jesus  (Phil. 1:19-30)

11/18  I Will Rejoice Because… Jesus came to Earth  (Phil. 2:1-11)

11/25  I Will Rejoice Because… I am a light in a dark world  (Phil. 2:12-30)

12/2  I Will Rejoice Because… I can really know Jesus  (Phil. 3:1-21)

12/9  I Will Rejoice Because… I can have real peace  (Phil. 4:1-9)

12/16  I Will Rejoice Because… I can be truly content  (Phil. 4:10-23)


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