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Samson: Arms of Steel, Feet of Clay

Samson is often thought of as a great hero in scripture, but his life is really a cautionary tale. While Samson was consecrated by God before birth, his life reflected virtually nothing of what we would expect of a person with such a high calling. Samson’s story is during the era of the Judges when God’s people had gone their own way, worshipped idols, practiced injustice, and succumbed to the surrounding culture. Samson was appointed to awaken the Israelites and to rescue them from Philistine oppression. But instead of a noble life, Samson was ruled by his base appetites, and he paid a great price for his pride and foolishness. His story is a great tragedy, but yet we also see how God chose to sovereignly us Samson for His purposes anyhow.

6/10 — Samson – Set Apart for Greatness

6/17 — FATHER’S DAY – Samson – Cracks in the Foundation

6/24 — Samson – Small Steps Toward Big Destruction

7/1 — Samson – When I am Weak, Then I am Strong

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