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Soul Revolution

For so many people, their understanding of the Christian life can be summarized in this way: God’s good; You’re bad; Try harder.

But this skewed picture is much different than the message of the Bible and the life modeled by Jesus and His followers.  Instead, the Bible’s portrayal of the Christian life is a relational journey, a fulfilling adventure that satisfies one’s heart and soul.

For this series, we will be taking part in a 60-60 experiment together, helping us to discover what it means to live in continuous connection to God and to be radically responsive to His leadings.

Join us on Sunday mornings, through reading John Burke’s book Soul Revolution, and taking part in a Soul Revolution group.

Sunday, March 10 — Re-Orient (Mark Albrecht)
Building a life with a relational God

Sunday, March 17 — Re-Connect  (Mark Albrecht)
Learning to live in dependence and continuous connection to Jesus

Sunday, March 24 — Respond  (Mark Albrecht)
Followers of Jesus are radically responsive to the voice of God

Sunday, March 31 — Reconcile  (Alex Whitaker)
Dealing with inevitable conflicts with truth and love

Sunday, April 7 — Reformation (Mark Albrecht)
Joining with God in HIs work of changing us

Sunday, April 14 — Represent (Bill Yaccino)
Doing life in community, growing and serving together

Sunday, April 21 — EASTER SUNDAY

Sunday, April 28 — Re-Imagine (Dawn Hayman and Bill Yaccino)
Stories and celebration of the 60-60 experiment

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