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Chain Breaker

Have you ever felt like something has been holding you back from experiencing life as it was meant to be? So many of us have this feeling of being stuck – running in place, expending a lot of energy, but not really getting anywhere. Some are aware of their struggles, but many others are restrained by something of which they are not even aware. The message of the Bible is that Jesus came to liberate us by breaking the chains that hold us. Come join us for this hope-filled series as we discover how to experience the joy of true freedom!

Sunday, September 10 – Set Free to BE FREE

Sunday, September 11 – Breaking the Chains of REGRET

Sunday, September 24 – Breaking the Chains of ANGER & BITTERNESS

Sunday, October 1 – Breaking the Chains of SADNESS

Sunday, October 8 – Breaking the Chains of MATERIALISM

Sunday, October 15 – Breaking the Chains of DESTRUCTIVE HABITS

Sunday, October 22 – Breaking the Chains of FEAR

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