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The Risk of Grace

Grace is a word freely verbalized in church settings but not truly understood. Grace is a much richer and more profound matter than most any of us realize. This series will allow us to explore the aspects and plumb the depths of this remarkable idea of grace.

As we explore together, we will quickly see that expressing grace is a great risk – you never know how it will be received or responded to. When God expresses grace, it is a risk, for prideful human beings may not accept it or may take advantage of it. Similarly, when we are called to express grace to others, we too take a risk. As we embark as a church to take new steps of faith together through “missional risks,” the reminders of the risk of grace God took (and continues to take) with us should spur us on to take our own risks of grace as well.

9/09 — The First Risk (Mark Albrecht)
9/16 — The Risk of Protective Grace (Mark Albrecht)
9/23 — The Ultimate Risk/Rescuing Risk (Mark Albrecht)
9/30 — The Risk of Reconciling Grace (Mark Albrecht)
10/7 — The Risk of Healing Grace (Bill Yaccino)
10/14 — The Risk of Abusing Grace (Mark Albrecht)
10/21 —  Conversations with Grace 
10/28 — The Risk of Extending Grace (Mark Albrecht)

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