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I AM – Teaching Series beginning February 25

Just who is Jesus really?  There are many and various opinions about him today.  But what did Jesus say about himself?  The gospel of John records several explicit, self-revelatory statements made by Jesus.  Each of them contains the powerful phrase, “I Am.”  Each of these statements is specific, far-reaching, and incredibly bold.  Jesus blatantly claims that He is these things.  His claims force us to come to a conclusion about him.  If his statements are true, the implications are tremendous and the impact on our daily lives is life-changing.

2/25 — I AM… the Bread of Life

3/4 — I AM… the Light of the World

3/11 — I AM… before Abraham was, I Am

3/18 — I AM… the True Vine

3/25 — I AM… the Good Shepherd

EASTER SUNDAY | Services at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00am
4/1 — I AM… the Resurrection and the Life

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